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Aerobic Endurance Build

Aerobic Endurance BUILD! Come join us and put the foundation in your training! We will be working in 55-80 FTP designed to build that base. We will focusing on cadence control, muscular endurance and strength all while building that aerobic machine.

During our Sunday sessions, we will feature coached portions of rides, mixed in with cycling or other videos.

These classes are designed to be a supplement to our build classes.

Burning Fuel with Stacee

This class is about exploring and developing the three energy systems in the body; the aerobic, anaerobic, and creatine-phosphate (C-P) systems. Cyclists will be provided with a balance between these systems according to training levels appropriate for the season. We will explore the types of efforts using the different systems and how to maximize speed, lengthen ride time, and how to tap into the different body fuels made up of fats and carbohydrates.
ï Benefits: The cyclist will have a greater understanding of how the body uses the different forms of energy and fuels and will be able to schedule workouts and proper nutrition to support his or her goals. The extended class length will allow participants to train at the appropriate power level to maximize use of the energy system.
ï Outcome: The participant will understand how fats and carbs work as fuel, and will have improved aerobic capacity and an increase in his or her lactate threshold as a result. Depending on the season and the position in the periodization cycle, the cyclist will have increased acidosis buffering and the recovery rate of his or her C-P system.

Computrainer Cycling 101

Come join us for this introduction to riding indoors on a computrainer!  Bring your bike, and with the help of your coach, learn how to get the most of your time indoors. Learn the lingo of FTP, watts, cadence, wts/kg .. and what it means to you!  We will also cover cycling basics of position on your bike and how to improve your performance by improving your riding technique .. and much more!

Erg Video

Erg Video combines computer controlled workouts synchronized to actual road riding video. We take you to France, Italy, Mallorca Islands and other cycling venues with over 30 titles. It's group riding at it's best and everyone finishes at the same time.

Girls Afternoon Out!

Dynamic cycling! Ladies, join us for our very own class and step towards your top of their potential by spring!
We will start in fall with a base build, skill focus to improve cycling efficiency by working on cadence control, improving pedal stroke and position to maximise power output.

Beginning in January, will continue with our mastery of technique and begin to build to peak season. We will begin three week progressive intensity build blocks, each followed by a one week recovery ride.

There will be 3 FTP tests included in this class, one in November, mid January and beginning of April to evaluate your progress.

Morning with Mike!

In the Wednesday morning class, our objective is to build great cyclists through increased power, maximized efficiency, improved pedaling mechanics, and an excellent mental attitude, all achieved in an atmosphere of positive energy. The class tends to include, but is not limited to, athletes with some experience racing in triathlons or cycling events. We start the year with the recognition that the group needs some “time off”, but not necessarily base building, so until the first of the year, we are heavy on pedaling drills, lower TSS workouts, and higher cadence aerobic workouts.

Riding with Stephanie!!

Whether you’re looking for fitness improvement or training for an upcoming event, this class can help you improve your fitness level over the winter months! During the course of this winter indoor cycling season, you will increase your aerobic endurance, improve your pedal stroke efficiency, and increase power on the bike.

At the beginning of this program we will assess your power output. This will help you understand your current fitness level and will serve as a tool to help you train in the most beneficial way. As this program progresses, we will use this information to help you train effectively and efficiently. At the end of this program we will conduct a final assessment to measure your power output again to determine your performance gains.

We will begin by building aerobic base and improving stroke efficiency through a variety of longer sets and drills. As we progress through the season, we will work on increasing anaerobic threshold, power output and muscular endurance by including sets such as hill repeats and race day simulation intervals. Overall, there is no better way to get ready to ride on the road and improve your performance this winter. Prepare to sweat, get faster, and become more powerful on the bike than ever before!

Rise and Shine with Stacee

What a great way to start the day – with a ride on your bike! This class is all about the joy of getting up and starting your day with something that will set a great tone for the rest of the day. It’s 90 minutes of pedaling at power levels appropriate for the season will get you going and give you the volume you need
ï Benefits: Challenges specific to the season and time in the saddle will give the cyclist additional training volume for the week.
ï Outcome: The participant will have additional saddle time for the week while riding with friends and other participants.

Serious Cycling & Strength w/ Steve

Take your cycling to the next level!

Roadie? Triathlete?

The off season is your time to put your head down and make major improvements. Riding faster, stronger, and longer should be everyone's goal!

In this class you will be working on all aspects of cycling with a combination of off of the bike strength!

The focus of this class is geared towards developing Power, debunking and improving correct Pedaling Technique, and increasing your threshold!

Spinning with Janine

Come spin with Janine

Total Base Development with Chris

This bike class is meant to take the rider from “off season low fitness” to “race ready” over the course of the winter. Over the course of four six-week sessions, we will build aerobic endurance, work on skills like pedaling and cadence, increase force capability and rebuild your FTP with threshold stimulation and tolerance intervals. When you are finished with this class, you will be ready for your early season races and ready for the race-specific training needed to build for your most important races or rides.
Workouts will gradually increase in difficulty though out the winter. But the difficulty dose will be carefully managed to stimulate the correct, desired physiological adaptation and no more. This reduces the chance of injury, illness or burnout. Training should be fun, doable and very effective.

Riders can choose from doing 1, 2, or 3 TBD workouts per week depending on their goals. Riders should complement these harder rides with an equivalent time amount of easier rides done either at home or in one of our Aerobic Endurance Build classes.

Although appropriate for the competitive cyclist or triathlete, all riders who wish to fully and carefully prepare to be at peak fitness for the upcoming riding season are welcome!

Aerobic Foundation

Focus on Base work to build your aerobic endurance foundation for the coming cycling season, no matter what style of biking you do. Whether it will be time trials, a bike tour, triathlon or criteriums, consistent participation in this program will get you ready.

Sessions will consist of 2 hours of on-bike training focused on core, balance, and cycling skills using cadence, breathing and pedaling efficiency. We will also address mental preparation, nutrition issues and group cycling.

Winter sessions starting in January will follow a consistent build plan ramping up in effort so you can expect to hit the ground running outside once Spring arrives.

Bike and Brew

Video night at The Performance Center. Why not have some fun while you’re getting in your workout? We will cycle while watching a selection of ErgVideos from around the world and perhaps some cycling movies and pro races.

Afterwards, anyone is welcome to join us while we refuel & rehydrate at some of our finer local establishments. This is a tradition that started with the first season of classes at The Performance Center.

Power Hour

Focus on Intervals and higher intensity work to increase speed and anaerobic capacity. Warmup, rest between sets and a proper cool down will be an integral part of the class. We will achieve goals by practicing sound cycling skills with high and low cadence drills, pedaling efficiency and using breathing exercises to encourage fast recovery between efforts.

For the Winter sessions starting in January, we will follow a consistent build plan to ramp up effort and build speed for Spring and the upcoming cycling season.


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