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Greenspeed FAQ

Greenspeed FAQ

General Features of Greenspeed Recumbent Trikes.


Unlike the traditional upright tricycles, which require acrobatics to corner safely? at speed, the two front and one rear wheel layout and low centre of gravity of Greenspeed trikes offer complete stability, and greater safety. Thus they can be easily ridden by people of all ages and abilities. The centre point steering means that there is absolutely no kick back in the steering from hitting pot holes in the road, and the wide handle bars give pin point accuracy, even at high speed. It also means that the twin front brakes can be operated independently, without reacting on the steering, allowing braking with either hand when signalling, and the strength of both hands for emergency braking.

Greenspeed centre 

point steering


We use an open weave outdoor furniture material, laced to the frame with an elastic shock cord, so that it provides ventilation and cooling for the back as well as insulation from road shock. The shock cord lacing also allows the seat to mould itself to your shape, and provide compete support for the back, which is totally lacking on ordinary bikes. Thus many people who cannot ride an ordinary bike due to back pain, have found comfort and freedom from pain on our trikes. Our seats are also more reclined than many recumbents. This means you present less of yourself to the wind, making it noticeably easier to ride into the wind. It also means less weight on your backside, enabling you to cover longer distances without the "numb bum" syndrome.

Greenspeed elastic

laced seat              


Most of our trikes are made from aircraft grade Cro Mo 4130 tubing. This alloy steel has THREE times the strength of ordinary steel, giving a light yet very strong and reliable frame. After welding they are sandblasted to give a key for the powder coat finish, which is applied electrostatically without solvents, and baked to give a harder, thicker, and tougher coating than paint.

Greenspeed frame,
Cro Mo 4130,
sandblasted &,
powder coated


We use either drum brakes or disc brakes. Unlike rim brakes, which wear the rims, rely on the condition of the rim, and require frequent adjustment and pad replacement, drum brakes are practically maintenance free. So they work just as well in the wet as the dry, and in over nine years of operation, we have never had to replace any drum brake shoes. Hydraulic disc brakes are used on the Tandem trikes, and are optional on the solo trikes. These brakes exceed the German standards for bicycle brakes by two and a half times. The stopping power with TWO of these brakes on the front of your trike is simply awesome! Plus with the hydraulic operation, without any cable friction, you get much better feel and control over the braking, so that your feel in complete control at all times.

Greenspeed drum brakes,
GTO Touring Trike
Greenspeed disc brakes,
GTT Tandem Trike 


Because Greenspeed recumbents trikes are more efficient than ordinary bikes, they can use higher gears, and because they are completely stable, and have no minimum balancing speed, they can use lower gears. So a wider range of gear is required to make the full use of their capabilities. Thus we normally fit THREE separate gear systems - a triple crank and chain ring set, an eight speed rear derailleur, and a three speed hub. This gives 72 combinations with very wide range from 15 inches in bottom gear to 126 in top (GTR). So you have gears low enough to climb a mountain without having to push too hard, and gears high enough to pedal downhill with the wind behind you - a gear for every situation!

Sachs 3x7 hub

Greenspeed GTS
Sports Tourer


Twenty inch BMX type wheels are used all round. With 36 spokes these wheels are much stronger, lighter, and stiffer than 26" Mountain Bike wheels. In fact they are even stronger than a normal size wheel laced with 48 spokes, yet much lighter.

They also allow a lighter, stiffer and stronger frame, as the forces on the frame from the wheels in cornering are lower. Furthermore they allow a lower seat angle without making the frame too long, giving better traction (contract patch closer to seat), and enable the same tyres and tubes to be used all round, giving better handling balance, and the need to carry only one spare.

There is also a excellent selection of 20" tyres available, and we have found that contrary to popular belief, the 20" tyres have a LOWER rolling resistance than 26" tyres of the same construction. We have tested over 50 different tyres from all over the world, and selected the best. The Tioga Comp Pools tyres we use, were found to give the lowest rolling resistance coupled with the best grip, yet they have lasted over 10,000kms on tour. Thus your Greenspeed will roll remarkably easily, grip the road like glue, and go for thousands of kilometres without attention.


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