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The Bike Rack offers the worlds finest Recumbents !


We build to your specification whether you want a stock bike or custom from the ground up.

We carry what we feel are the best recumbent manufacturers in the industry at this time.  They all are the leading designers, offer the best customer service to us and you, along with have being here for the long term.

As we are one of the largest two wheel recumbent dealers and the largest trike dealer in the United States, we know how to set you up right. 

We have the many years of experience customizing recumbents.  We only deal with the best suppliers and proven designs.   We only do what we feel is "Class A" compatible not "Class B".  Many custom bikes try to be different just to be different but don't work smoothly.   We make sure you don't have break downs in the middle of no where.  We  want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase for many years to come. 

  • CATRIKECatrike focuses on product development, engineering and process design. The result is great products that look fantastic, work beautifully and flawlessly, require very low maintenance, are user friendly, and sure to provide many years of fun and pleasure at an affordable price. They make over 2,300 trikes and bikes every year and are growing steadily. Start planning your Catrike purchase and check out the Catrike Color Chart.
  • HASEThe Hase factory has been building exclusively specialized cycles since 1994. Unique bikes and trikes that offer incomparable riding enjoyment and freedom of mobility without sacrificing perfect practicality. Just what you’d expect from a company where all of the employees, from designer to packer, are true cycling enthusiasts who have turned their passions into professions.
  • ICE Trikes ICE, Inspired Cycle Engineering design, build and construct recumbent trikes. Folding recumbent trike or tricycle models include the ICE Adventure folding recumbent trike and the ICE Sprint folding recumbent. ICE also construct the high-spec ICE Vortex for experienced riders. 

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