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Information for RANS Bike Recall

1. Model Information

The recall involves six different RANS models: Stratus (including XL), Tailwind, Wave, Gliss, Response and Nimbus. 

Of these, there are three groups:
Group 1: Gliss, Wave and Tailiwnd.
Group 2: Stratus and Stratus XL with T-Bar Style Handlebars. These have a longer fork steer tube than those in Group 1.
Group 3: Nimbus, Response, and Stratus with Road-Style Adjustable Clamp Handlebars. These bikes were manufactured in 1997 and earlier, and used a standard, round clamp stem. 

No other RANS Bikes are affected by the recall.

2. Description of the Problem

A number of these bikes used a front fork with an enlongated area of thread at the top of the steer tube. Because of the excessive amount of thread, the expansion joint at the bottom of the stem riser may contact the steer tube inside this threaded area. Over time, the pressure applied by the expansion joint to the threaded area of the steer tube may weaken, crack or separate it entirely from the lower part of the fork. A measurement and inspection will reveal this situation, and it can be simply resolved with the installation of a longer stem riser.

3. Serial Number Information

All serial numbers of these bikes are included up until but not including date code 0700 (July 2000). The date code is the first four numbers (MM/YY) after the alpha prefix.

RANS S/N Code (effective from 1998 onward):

Model Code (2 Letters) Date Code (Four Digits, Month and Year) Unit Number (Four Digits)
ST  07 00 0001

Serial numbers are stamped into the frame-- either on the bike's bottom bracket or on the inside left rear-wheel dropout. If the number is illegible, RANS will provide a permanent self-adhesive serial number to identify the bike.

4. Inspection Procedure Information

There are 3 different inspection procedures, depending on which model group includes the bike unit.  Click on the appropriate group for inspection instructions.

Group 1: Gliss Wave and Tailiwnd.
Group 2: Stratus and Stratus XL with T-Bar Style Handlebars..
Group 3: Nimbus, Response, and Stratus with Road-Style Adjustable Clamp Handlebars.

In all instances of stem replacement, be certain that old stem risers are discarded, and that the replacement stems are installed fully inserted into the fork's steer tube.

5. Parts Procurement, Documentation, and Reimbursement for Shop Labor

RANS will provide replacement stem risers as needed without charge.  Submit the recall documentation as outlined here, and parts will be sent prepaid.

Recall documentation will be handled one of three ways:
1. RANS Bikes online form. 
2. Print and FAX the Recall Documentation Form to (785) 625-2795.
3. Print and Mail the Recall Documentation Form to:

    RANS, 4600 Hwy 183 Alt, Hays KS 67601.

Request replacement parts by calling, or Click Here.

Shop labor reimbursement will be as follows:
$5.00 for each completed inspection.
$5.00 additional for each completed changeout of stem riser.

RANS Dealers will receive reimbursement as an account credit. Shops will be mailed a check within 90 days of the date the recall documentation was received by RANS.


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